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While my own page is under construction, I’ll refer you to some other interesting pages and stimulating thoughts that I found on the web. Enjoy!

Other cool science

Finding research articles

  • Semantic scholar: A great search engine for papers that allows you to customize your feed according to your interests. They recently introduced a handy TLDR-text summarization feature.
  • Andrej Karpathy’s arxiv sanity preserver for scanning arxiv for the the latest and interesting pre-prints, using simple NLP techniques.
  • Srinivasnan Keshav’s advice contains lots of gems. I denfinitely recommend checking it out.
  • Andrej Karpathy’s blog contains a great guide for current PhD students as well as excellent explanations of reinforcement learning and recurrent neural nets.
  • Chris Olah’s blog has great explanations of various topics in deep learning. His treatment of LSTMs and attention is particularly good!
  • Distill is a cool, interactive journal that aims at communicating science interactively through papers as webblogs. Definitely worth checking out.


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